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How To Survive And Get Out Of A Building Collapse

By Peter Foster

An emergency can prevail at any place and time. It happens on the building, road or even in our place. Aside from staying vigilant, its also wise for a person to raise his awareness too. Increasing awareness on the surrounding plus keeping calm could create a huge difference.

There are plenty of cases in which some individuals are stuck in a difficult situation that they want to get out and keep themselves safe. One serious incident that occurs due to fires and earthquake is the Building Collapse Florida. Because of natural calamities, establishments collapse and shake, causing some lives and properties to be taken away. To increase your survival rate on such dilemma, we have presented some top tips and ideas to keep in mind.

Always prepare emergency kits. Whether your place is not earthquake prone or not, always prepare survival kits that could clean and patch wounds. Hopefully the emergency medical supplies can hold until the rescuers arrive. Once the building starts to collapse and it seems that it could happen any minute, assess the situations calmly and do not let anyone go hysteria.

Cover your body under a thick and durable material to become safe against direct hit. In case the tremor is strong and too powerful that debris start falling from the place, search for sturdy furniture or appliance which could keep you protected against harm and debris. Before you encounter serious problems and pain, its wise to look for an area which could provide protection against debris.

Remain calm and be careful before opening doors. Not every exit door could help you safely get out of place unscathed and safe. Plenty of people make huge mistake and accidentally open doors which could cause the fire to spark and spread quick. You must smartly examine the entire surrounding before you decide to take the first step to avert serious problems.

Check the stairs before using them. Even if you are trapped and you have the strong urge to get outside, you must be careful whether the stair can still withstand your weight and other people who try to evacuate. Also, determine if there are any danger or material that block the exit. Look for smoke or danger in crevices and cracks before you make a move.

Looks for materials that can serve as signal like cellphone and flashlight. In almost a deafening silence and dark room, you should find ways to contact the rescuers for immediate help. Light travels faster compared with other elements. Hence, make use of your flashlights or, alternatively, search for materials that you can hit against a wall to produce a sound.

Avoid needless movements, especially when you are hurt. Moving too much can cause a serious problem on your injuries. When you get stuck and it seems that moving seems nearly impossible, keep yourself still and wait for help to keep safe for a long time.

Be careful when you breathe inside the collapsed establishment. There is a chance that dust and some other unhealthy elements might linger in the air. Use your handkerchief to cover your mouth and nose to avoid inhaling anything.

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